Friday, May 31, 2013

Another apology is in order

I should have mentioned the TCM documentary on Clint Eastwood that aired last night. Today is actually Eastwood's birthday, but with the Friday night spotlight, TCM obviously had to run the documentary a day early. I have to admit that I had no plans to watch it, mostly because I'm not a particularly big fan of Eastwood's movies, for no real reason other than personal preference. But I know the documentaries are interesting to other people, and I always like to mention the premieres of a new documentary on TCM.

There is one Eastwood movie I'd like to blog about, but unfortunately it's not on DVD: The First Traveling Saleslady. In this one, Ginger Rogers plays the saleslady, a circa-1900 woman selling barbed wire to the farmers of the west, with gal pal Carol Channing in tow. The ranchers of course don't like barbed wire, and humorous conflict ensues. Rogers gets romantically paired with Barry Nelson, while it's Eastwood and Channing, a rather incongruous couple, who also become an item by the end of the movie. Here's Channing singing a song from the film:

I hadn't seen Two Against the World from yesterday's lineup before. Here I don't mean the Humphrey Bogart movie later retitles One Fatal Hour, but the Constance Bennett movie that preceded it. It's not great, but there are some things about it that are particularly interesting. It too would have been worth a blog post, but it's not on DVD either.

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