Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Updates from the Memorial Day weekend

I made it a point to tune into FMC to catch at least a few minutes of The Visit, to check whether or not we were getting a panned-and-scanned print again. Sure enough we were, which doesn't give me any hope for the MOD DVD that Fox has put out.

Modern Tokyo,the Traveltalks short that aired Saturday morning about Tokyo as it was a few years before the attack on Pearl Harbor, is actually available on Youtube. It's interesting to see how much respect Japanese culture is afforded since the Japanese were not yet our enemiess. The other slightly curious thing is James A. Fitzpatrick's slight but noticeable stressing the word "Japan" on the first syllable.

For those who like the Traveltalks shorts, TCM is going to be running Hong Kong, Hub of the Orient tomorrow at about 1:00 PM, just after Road to Hong Kong. It can't be any worse than all those later Bob Hope movies that TCM will be showing on the 110th anniversary of his birth. This Traveltalks short doesn't seem to be on Youtube.

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