Sunday, May 5, 2013

Movie Album #1

TCM's online schedule is listing a short for about 6:35 AM tomorrow alled Movie Album #1, from 1935, and running 10 minutes, just enough time to fit in before The Sheik kicks off a two-film birthday salute to Rudolph Valentino at 6:45 AM. TCM doesn't list a synopsis for the short in the schedule, which often happens with the shorts. Indeed, the TCMDb page for the short doesn't even say anything about it. An IMDb search yields a 1931 short called The Movie Album which runs 8 minutes and was put out by Vitaphone, so it's the sort of thing TCM could easily show. Does anybody know if TCM simply made a typo, or if Movie Album #1 is something entirely different? And assuming it's something different, what exactly is it? I have to admit that with a title like Movie Album #1, I think of something with songs, which wouldn't be too much to my interest, but I could be wrong.

Also regarding shorts, an update from yesterday. The short Impressions of the Merriest Musical of 1938 was indeed a promotional short for a movie much like the ones that TCM shows for movies comping up in the schedule that don't get the TCM Extras treatment. Well, the 1930s version of promotional trailers; there's a definite stylistic difference between most of the trailers back then and more recent trailers. That "merriest musical of 1938" turns out to be Gold Diggers in Paris, starring Rudy Vallee and Rosemary Lane.

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