Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Not on DVD repeats for September 12

I notice that tomorrow morning's TCM schedule has The Star Witness on at 7:30 AM. It's a movie that I blogged about back in April 2010 and one that I kind of like. It's also nice to see Grant Mitchell getting a bigger role than he normally does. It wasn't on DVD back in April 2010, and it still hasn't received a DVD release from the Warner Archive.

The same holds true for The Story of Louis Pasteur, which will be coming up later in the day at 11:45 AM. I'm really surprised that the Warner Archive haven't put this one out on DVD yet, considering that it won an Academy Award. Apparently it has been released abroad. The Amazon page doesn't say, but I'd have to guess Brazil, since the subtitles are only available in Portuguese. I'd think if it had been a Europen release, there would be subtitles available in more languages.

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