Sunday, December 14, 2014


TCM is airing The Camerman overnight tonight at 12:30 AM as part of the regular Silent Sunday Nights feature. I was looking for a good picture to illustrate the post I was going to do on the movie, and found that one of the pictures linked to a post about the film at the blog Silentology. Lea, from the looks of that and the other posts I've read, clearly has a much greater love and knowledge of silents than I do. Not that I dislike silents, mind you; it's just that I'm not particularly well-versed in the topic compared to those who are avid fans. I also have to admit that I've really preferred silent comedies to silent dramas. To me, the physical humor necessitated by having to do comedy without dialog holds up better than the outsized melodrama that the dramas tend to have.

At any rate, I notice that Silentology not only has a bunch of interesting posts about the movies, it's still a going concern. Those two qualities -- especially the latter -- are the two things that make me want to put a blog into my blogroll over on the right side of the screen, so Silentology has been added.

Lea will be running a Buster Keaton blogathon in February; I'm undecided as to whether I'm going to take part. Most likely I'll do what I normally do when I see a blogathon: think it's a neat idea; spend several days coming up with an interesting idea, and then forget about it until after the blogathon has come and gone.

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