Saturday, December 13, 2014

TCM Remembers 2014

So I finally got a chance to see this year's parade of the dead, better known as TCM Remembers on TCM, yesterday evening. It's as well down as it alays is, which means it's a heck of a lot better than anything I would have been able to think up, even if there are a few omissions. Although, with as many people as TCM is remembering, how far down the list of fame is somebody if TCM isn't remembering them? Errol Flynn's widow Patrice Wymore is not in the salute, even though she did make some Hollywood movies. I also remember the death of Tatyana Samoilova from The Cranes Are Flying this spring, although she didn't make so many movies and with her being foreign it's not a surprise that TCM might have overlooked her. But they did remember people like Menahem Golan and Alain Resnais, which is nice to see.

One name that threw me for a loop was Dickie Jones. When I saw that I thought to myself that if he had died, I certainly would have seen the news either on Wikipedia or on the TCM Forums. It turned out that Dickie Jones was the voice of Pinocchio, and yes, I did remember seeing that obituary over the summer. The reason I had some confusion is that I was getting the name Dickie Jones mixed up with Dickie Moore, who is still alive at the age of 89.

TCM have put the video up on Youtube and allowed embedding, so I've put it up here for you to watch. It's probably better to watch the embed than to read the whining from the Youtube commenters.

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