Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Another excuse for repeats

To be fair, I was thinking about writing a full-length post on a movie coming up tomorrow, but it turns out that I've already done a post on that movie. So, there's no reason to do another post, other than to point out that it's been quite a few years since I've blogged about it and you've got another chance to see it coming up.

Anthony Quinn is Star of the Month, and his movies are on again tonight into early tomorrow morning on TCM. One of his lesse known films is Larceny, Inc., early tomorrow morning at 7:45 AM. Quinn plays a criminal just out of jail who shows up at the store being run by fellow ex-cons Edward G. Robinson and Broderick Crawford. This is Robinson's film all the way, and unsurprisingly, he's quite good.

After Larceny, Inc. is over, you can switch over to FXM Retro and catch The Story of Alexander Graham Bell at 7:30 AM. Don Ameche stars as the British-born, Canadian-raised man whose work with the deaf led him to America and eventually to the invention of the telephone when he was ttying to figure out a way to speak to them. Of course, the invention of the telephone would be disputed, as one Elisha Grey also invented a similar device with Bell getting the first patent. Loretta Young plays Mrs. Bell, and the story is a reasonably good Hollywood retelling of a romance, the invention, and then a courtroom drama surrounding the patent dispute.

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