Sunday, October 30, 2016

Apologies for not knowing about last night's schedule

Apparently the print of the first movie in TCM's prime time lineup last night, Blood and Black Lace, was longer than they realized when they put out the monthly schedule. I was looking at the monthly schedule, and the movie is listed as being an 84-minute movie in a 90-minute slot. This would have fit, leaving space for the intro/outro by Ron Perlman. However, it turns out that by the time they put up the daily/weekly lineup, they had an 88-minute runtime, which means that after the intro and outro, you're over the 90 minutes.

So, the weekly schedule had the correct start times for all the movies. Surprisingly, my box guide didn't. I was channel surfing after watching an exciting hockey game, and was surprised to see a trailer for Abe Lincoln in Illinois (1:00 AM Wednesday) at about 9:39 PM, when, according to the box guide, Carnival of Souls should have been on.

The promo stuff went until 9:45, when Carnival of Souls began, just as the weekly schedule said it should. The schedule, in fact, didn't catch up until after The Baby, which the monthly schedule listed as an 85-minute movie in a 105-minute slot. In fact, the weekly schedule had it in a 90-minute slot with no intro or outro, since I think the guest hosts have generally only been doing three movies a night. I'm especially thankful this is where the schedule caught up since I had set The Baby to record and forgot to pad out any extra time once I noticed the schedule was off.

I'm actually kind of surprised that the box guide was off, since that normally only gets the information a few weeks in advance, and I presume corrects itself -- we had a power outage a week ago, and I'd have thought the box guide would have updated then.

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