Sunday, October 23, 2016

I was wrong about City of God

I mentioned yesterday that I didn't think City of God wasn't coming up. However, it turns out that I wasn't searching all of the premium channels. (I'm currently not subscribing to any of the premium services what with the price and the backlog of movies I've got on my DVR right now.) It turns out that City of God is coming up once, tomorrow at 7:00 AM on Starz in Black.

If I understand, this is part of the Starz package, which is generally sold separately from the Starz Encore package, which used to be just Encore but changed its name about six months ago. The Starz Encore package has its own Starz Encore Black channel which runs a completely different lineup. (I'm surprised there doesn't seem to have been any move to consolidate all these channels, although I suppose they're considering it bad for business.)

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