Friday, October 28, 2016

Halloween is on Monday, if you couldn't figure that out

We're three days away from Halloween. Since it's on a Monday, it is I suppose a good time to use the weekend to run a whole bunch of horror-themed stuff.

TCM, unsurprisingly, is doing that, more or less. Tonight's prime-time lineup includes a bunch of Universal's horror movies, that being the studio generally thought of as having the best horror movies in the 1930s and 1940s. After all, they're the ones who brought us Frankenstein (not on the lineup since TCM was spending Sundays this month with the good doctor and his monster) and Dracula (8:00 PM tonight). But there are a bunch of lesser-remembered movies too.

And then there are some movies that aren't quite horror, although they obviously have themes that would fit in to a Halloween-weekend lineup. Topper, which will be on at 6:00 AM Sunday, is a good example of this. There's no horror in this one at all, as it's a straight-up comedy. But it's about ghosts, so it fits in on the weekend. TCM Underground this weekend isn't exactly horror, since we get another showing of Wild in the Streets at 4:00 AM Sunday, but that movie could be considered frightening, I suppose. If it weren't so bad it wound up funny.

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