Friday, June 9, 2017


One of the TCM themes this night is the European vacation. No; they're not showing the Chevy Chase movie by that title; they're running a bunch of movies about people travelling mostly to Europe, although I think there are one or two movies like M. Hulot's Holiday (early tomorrow morning at 3:45 AM) about Europeans on vacation within the continent.

Anyhow, I bring this all up because I wasn't paying attention two weeks back when I blogged about The Pleasure Seekers. That movie, about three young American women working in Spain (well, two of them are working and a third joins them for a sojourn), will be on tonight at 10:30 PM as part of the European vacation theme.

The other thing I didn't notice was that Laughter in Paradise was on the TCM schedule early this week because Star of the Month Audrey Hepburn has a very small role as a cigarette girl. I just bought the movie on DVD from Amazon because when I was looking something up Amazon suggested a lot of British movies on inexpensive DVDs. So I picked up this one, a couple I already blogged about, and another one I haven't as well as some other box sets like an ultra-cheap Carole Lombard box set with movies that I don't think I've seen at all. All of the DVDs had been in my shopping cart for several weeks, and I bought them, including Laughter in Paradise, without realizing it was on the TCM schedule. At any rate I know what I'm blogging about this weekend.

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