Friday, June 30, 2017

Tomorrow's the first of the month again

With tomorrow being July 1, it's time for another movie or two that FXM Retro hasn't run in a long time showing up. (I suppose I should add how pleasantly surprised I am that the block is still going on, even if FXM badly formats the movies.) Tomorrow morning that means a Shirley Temple movie that's new to me: Baby Take a Bow. James Dunn, who would appear with Shirley again in Bright Eyes shows up, as does Claire Trevor. A quick look at the plot makes the movie seem like typical Shirley Temple fare. I have to admit I never really gave much thought to watching her movies -- at least the Fox movies -- but when I do watch they turn out to be pretty entertaining.

I can't recall whether I've mentioned Star! before; that one will be on FXM Retro tomorrow at 12:05 PM and again Sunday at 10:50 AM. This is a long, long, long, long movie about Getrude Lawrence, a mostly stage actress of the first half of the last century (perhaps her best-known screen role might be in Rembrandt opposite Charles Laughton). Lawrence is played by Julie Andrews. This is one that I've never been able to get all the way through, because it's not my genre and it's ridiculously long. By the same token, I've only watched Funny Girl in installments. But then, I care for Barbra Streisand's singing even less than Julie Andrews'.

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