Friday, November 10, 2017

John Hillerman, 1932-2017

John Hillerman (r.) and Tom Selleck in a promotional still from the "Magnum PI" era

Actor John Hillerman, who is probably best remembered for playing Magnum's (Tom Selleck) boss Higgins on the very 80s TV show Magnum, PI, has died aged 84.

Hillerman's movie career started in the 1970s, and he's in quite a few interesting movies, including several of which I've recommended. He's the intermediary in the interesting and not very well remembered The Nickel Ride; a hotel manager in What's Up, Doc?; Howard Johnson in Blazing Saddles; and has roles in movies such as Chinatown, Paper Moon, and The Last Picture Show.

Unsurprisingly, of course, it's Higgins that all the obituaries are mentioning.

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Anonymous said...

John Hillerman was a contestant on the November 9, 2017 episode of Celebrity BUcket Kickers.