Friday, November 3, 2017

Modern and not so modern Guatemala

I couldn't think of anything to post about today, so I wanted to mention something that a search of the site says I haven't done before. In this scene from the Traveltalks short Modern Guatemala City, James A. Fitzpatrick shows us the modern movie theaters they have:

I could swear there's another Traveltalks with a more traditional movie theater marquee advertising the shorts, but I can't remember which one that is.

And interestingly, when I put the DVD in my computer's DVD drive, the menu for the shorts was on three pages. But clicking with the mouse on "Next" went from the first page to the last page. To get to the middle page, I had to use the arrow buttons to select "Next", which did in fact take me to the middle page. Weird design.

Anyhow, since I knew which short the above photo came from, I was able to do a search of the site on "Guatemala". The only match was for Treasure of the Golden Condor. It turns out I was wrong about it not being on DVD: It's gotten a release courtesy of the Fox MOD scheme, and apparently you can even pick up that DVD at the TCM Shop. That link says the DVD was released in 2012, so I'm not certain why I wasn't able to find the DVD on offer when I blogged about Treasure of the Golden Condor back in 2014.

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