Tuesday, November 14, 2017

More on TCM's James Stewart programming

I mentioned two weeks ago -- are we almost halfway through the month already? -- that TCM was starting its programming of James Stewart's movies on Wednesday mornings and continuing through prime time Wednesday.

What I didn't notice, because I have a tendency not to look that far ahead, is that the programming isn't beginning at 6:00 AM every Wednesday. Tomorrow morning at 6:00 AM is Citizen Kane. Alan Ladd has a bit part, as one of the reporters at the end, I believe, but certainly no James Stewart, who was already too famous for a small part. Besides, at 8:15 AM, there's Gun Crazy, another movie that absolutely doesn't have Stewart in it.

Indeed, Gun Crazy is pretty clearly where it is on the lineup because Dalton Trumbo liked the right kind of dictator. The original screenplay was apparently written by him but had somebody else's name on it.

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