Tuesday, January 30, 2018

A couple of briefs for January 30-31, 2018

I didn't follow the Oscar nominations since I didn't even go to the movie theater once in 2017. So I can't comment on what did or didn't get nominated, although once again I find it interesting that there are bean counters going on about the genetic makeup of nominees. At least the acting Oscars are still separated by gender. Apparently the Grammys made the news for not having enough winners with the right genitalia or something.

TCM apparently did not renew its contract with Tiffany Vazquez, the Saturday afternoon host. Last Saturday's intros were her last set. Somebody on the TCM boards mentioned that the new Saturday afternoon host is going to be a woman from Filmstruck whose name I didn't recognize. The TCM site doesn't mention anything as far as I could find, but that's not surprising.

The bots apparently decided to pay me a visit over the weekend. When I was putting up yesterday's post, I noticed on the dashboard that lists all the recent posts that the one on Death of a Scoundrel has like a dozen times the views as anything else recently. In general, I'd expect the Thursday Movie Picks blogathon posts to get the most views mostly because I always add my link over at the TMP page. Anyhow, it turns out that in just three days the Death of a Scoundrel post has become the second most-viewed post, behind only a Debra Paget birthday post. I'd think that people might have been driven to that by a picture of her, but surprisingly, I didn't use a Debra Paget photo there. Go figure. Having said that, I'm not certain entirely how accurate the stats are since the page that lists posts by most viewed has a slightly different number of views from the edit post page that lists the recent post -- and the one that I updated more recently had fewer views listed.

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