Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Connie Sawyer, 1912-2018

A couple of months back, TCM did a spotlight on the Motion Picture Home and even did interviews with some of the residents there about movies they worked on. One of them was Connie Sawyer, who appeared just shy of her 105th birthday to talk about her movie A Hole in the Head, in which she had a smaller role. Apparently she was in the original Broadway version and reprised her role in the movie.

Connie Sawyer died on Monday at the age of 105. Among her other credits are Dumb and Dumber and When Harry Met Sally, and a whole bunch of television credits through last year. Sawyer was also billed as Hollywood's oldest working actress.

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joel65913 said...

They also showed a terrific doc called Showfolk from a few years back that she was prominently featured in and she was charming and funny.

105 is an awesome achievement and that she made it there still sharp and active is even more of an inspiration.

Since I became aware of her about a decade and a half ago when she had a small role in a film I loved "The Trip" as one of the character's mother I've been surprised how often she turns up in different things I had watched. She's a lot of fun in A Hole in the Head in a small but flashy role and she had a decent one as a madam in the Susan Hayward vehicle Ada back in the 60's but she did mostly smaller stuff.

A while back I read a detailed interview with her and she had a toe in pretty much every facet of show biz including standup years before it really became a thing.