Sunday, January 7, 2018

Eddie Muller meets Annette Bening

I don't follow new releases all that much since I live in an area that doesn't get the limited-release stuff, but apparently Annette Bening is playing classic movie star Gloria Grahame in the new movie Film Stars Don't Die in Liverpool. (Why don't they die there?) Somebody at TCM came up with the brilliant idea of bringing Bening in and having her talk about her new movie and Grahame while presenting some of Grahame's movies. That lineup is tonight, with Bening being interviewed by Noir Alley host Eddie Muller, which seems reasonable considering the noirs that Grahame made.

Unfortunately, it's on a Sunday night, which means that we only get two movies before we have to go to Silent Sunday Nights and the TCM Import. In a Lonely Place is a good selection since it's clearly a noir; it kicks the night of at 8:00 PM. The other movie is The Bad and the Beautiful at 10:00 PM. It's definitely not a noir, but you can't fault them including it since it's the movie that won Graham the Oscar. This even though Grahame's part is surprisingly small.

It's too bad they couldn't do this on another night of the week so they could include more movies like The Big Heat or Crossfire.

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