Monday, August 6, 2018

For those who miss Silent Sunday Nights

One of the bad things about TCM's Summer Under the Stars is that the regular programming features mostly go missing. Now, in the case of Noir Alley it's not such a big deal, as there's a fair amount of noir in the schedule outside of Eddie Muller's regularly scheduled spot. Audrey Totter is today's star, and Muller has already presented her film Tension (on tonight at 8:00 PM) before.

In the case of Silent Sunday Nights and the TCM Import, it's different. Maybe one day during the month there will be a day dedicated to an actor who made mostly foreign-language films, and one day dedicated to somebody who made a bunch of silents. Marcello Mastroianni will be coming up at the end of the month, but tomorrow is given over to the films of Harold Lloyd. There are a few talkies from the end of his days as a star, the feature favorites like Safety Last! (8:00 PM tomorrow), and at the start of the day, some even older shorts. I'm not certain if I'd heard of Ask Father, which kicks off the day at 6:00 AM, before. It's from 1919, so the print should be in the public domain. The music? Well, fortunately I was able to find a print on Youtube that was uploaded by the people who commissioned the new score, so it probably shouldn't be facing copyright issues. and get taken down:

Enjoy the Harold Lloyd silents, because they're the only ones on TCM this month.

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