Friday, December 25, 2009

Cavalcade is back

Una O'Connor and Herbert Mundin in 'Cavalcade' (1933)It has been quite some time since I've mentioned Cavalcade, the Best Picture Oscar winner for 1933. It's a Fox movie, and I've commented in the past about the Fox Movie Channel's apparent strategy of showing a relatively small number of movies from its library, running them over and over for several months, and then retiring them for a few years. It's been years since Cavalcade aired, since I would have brought it up earlier had the Fox Movie Channel shown it more recently. That having been said, it's finally back, airing at 7:30 AM ET tomorrow. As evidence of FMC's strategy, Cavalcade is currently scheduled for another airing on New Year's Eve, and two more airings in January.

That having been said, January 1, 2010, in being the first day of the new year, also seems to be the first day for some of Fox's old movies to show up again on the FMC, including some I've recommended here in the past.

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