Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Guest Programmer: Neko Case

I'd never heard of singer-songwriter Neko Case before, but she shows up on TCM tonight as the monthly Guest Programmer, to sit down and discuss four of her favorite movies with Robert Osborne. Now, I've argued in the past that one of the good things about the Guest Programmers is that it's a good way to introduce people who might not normally be fans of classic movies to some great old films. So, it doesn't really matter whether or not somebody like me has never heard of Neko Case. If some of the peoplw who are fans of her tune in and find out that there's a wealth of great old movies out there, then great.

Actually, Case isn't presenting just four movies. Sure, she picked out four feature movies, but following each of those movies, she's also selected one of the Dogville shorts, which should be an interesting experience for non-movie buffs. (As for people who don't need the inducement of a Guest Programmer to watch lots of TCM, I know some would complain about Case's selection of feature films, but her picking the Dogville shorts is by itself worthy of making her a fun Guest Programmer.)

For the record, the Dogville shorts will be airing tonight as follows:

The Dogway Melody airs just after 9:30 PM ET, following Radio Days (starting at 8:00 PM);
The prison-themed The Big Dog House is around 12:25 AM ET, after evil Andy Griffith in A Face in the Crowd at 10:15 PM;
Trader Hound will air at about 2:50 AM, after The Third Man at 1:00 AM; and
So Quiet on the Canine Front can be seen at approximately 5:25 AM, following The Picture of Dorian Gray.

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