Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I see dead people!

TCM's prime-time lineup is honoring some of the people who died in 2009. The night kicks off with On the Waterfront at 8:00 PM ET, which included Karl Malden in the supporting cast, and which also won an Oscar for its writer, Budd Schulberg; both of them died over the summer. I don't know that I've written a full post on On the Waterfront; at least, a search of the Blogger site claims that I haven't done so yet.
Following On the Waterfront, at 10:00 PM, will be TCM's tribute to director John Hughes, Ferris Bueller's Day Off.
Then, at midnight, you can watch the late Ricardo Montalban in the excellent World War II movie Battleground.
The last honoree of the night is Patrick McGoohan, who appeared in Ice Station Zebra, which TCM is showing at 2:15 AM.

There are a lot more people who died this past year, of course, but it would take TCM several days to honor them all with more than just a film clip.

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