Friday, July 8, 2011

The end of Fox Legacy?

I've noticed that, for the past two Fridays, the Fox Movie Channel hasn't been showing its Friday night Fox Legacy series. I think it's a bit of a shame if it's gone for good. As I've said a bunch of times before, Fox doesn't have access to anywhere near as many movies as TCM does, and so they can't put on the kind of programming that TCM can do. Still, it seems as if their thinking has long been to select movies haphazardly, show them a whole bunch of times, and then stick them back in the vault, not to be seen for years. At least with Fox Legacy, there was what appeared to be a more coherent effort to use the Fox library. It also led to some of the few showings of old black-and-white movies in prime time on FMC.

At least there's still Unvaulted, the Monday night series that takes one old -- or in some cases not so old -- movie out of the vault and shows it back-to-back. Still, some of the movies here aren't so old, at least by "classic" standards.

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