Wednesday, July 20, 2011

TCM Guest Host Jane Powell

Jane Powell started her stint as Robert Osborne's fill-in host on Monday night with some fun observations that were less about the first movie she was presenting than they were about the movies in general. I was still in college back in 1994, so I didn't have cable and didn't know that Jane Powell was there at the start of TCM. She also said something that makes sense when you think about it, but is the sort of thing about which we don't normally think, namely that she never really had the time to get to know Doris Day (one of the stars of Romance on the High Seas, the first movie she presented) very well, because they worked at different studios; in those days, you were working so hard that you didn't have much time to socialize, and so when you did have time off, you spent it with your friends, who would be from the studio where you were working. I wonder, though, who the people who worked at multiple studios had as friends. To be honest, too, I don't think her comments are 100% true; after all, the British expatriates in Hollywood were known to have a relatively close-knit community, and they didn't all work at the same studio.

Anyhow, tonight's Jane Powell lineup is a bunch of literary adaptations, and I'm curious to see what she's going to have to day about them.

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Christina Plowman said...

I loved seeing Jane Powell on TCM. I used to skip school to watch her movies on a local old movie station. She was the ultimate movie star. She is lovely and could sing,dance and act. What stories she could tell about the golden age of Holywood.