Friday, July 15, 2011

Not much new right now

The dog days on the calendar come in August, but I feel in the dog days right about now, with not much to post about, and not much exciting coming up on the schedule. The singing cowboys aren't my cup of tea, and I haven't seen enough of the movies about Arabs to recommend any of them. (And I don't care for Lawrence of Arabia anyway.)

So it's back to mentioning repeats. When I first recommended The Bad Seed back in December 2008, it was as a birthday tribute. It wasn't actually airing that day, and the two times I've mentioned it since then, it wasn't airing either. (Of course, it got a DVD release at some point, so you should be able to get it.) It's back on the TCM schedule, as part of the TCM Underground series, coming up overnight at 3:30 AM.

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