Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Another apparently no-longer-in-print DVD

This being October, TCM is running a lot of old horror films every Wednesday in prime time, something which is a heck of a lot more interesting than watching two politicians regurgitating the same platitudes they've been doing for months. Anyhow, the horror movies kick off at 8:00 PM with Mystery of the Wax Museum, which I recommended back in October, 2008.

You'll see at the bottom of that post that I pointed out that Mystery of the Wax Museum is available on DVD. Well, you can purchase that DVD at Amazon. However, TCM lists it as not available for purchase from their on-line shopping site. The implication is that the DVD was released some time ago, but it presumably no longer being produced. Certainly, it wouldn't be part of the Warner Archive MOD collection. Indeed, Amazon lists a release date of 2005 for Mystery of the Wax Museum.

So, you might want to watch or record Mystery of the Wax Museum tonight.

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