Friday, October 12, 2012

Another night of repeats

It's not quite an entire night of repeats, I suppose. But the one movie I haven't blogged about before, The Great McGinty at 11:00 PM, is one that I haven't seen in a long enough time to want to blog about today. It's the second movie in tonight's second night of politics-themed movies. The night kicks off with Born Yesterday at 8:00 PM, which is followed by a third showing of the documentary A Night at the Movies: Hollywood Goes to Washington at 10:00 PM. (Apparently, TCM couldn't get the rights to that many movies about politics, since they're running the series on a Friday night which is shorter than other weeknights because of TCM Underground; that, and the fact they're running the documentary into the ground.) The last of the night's politics movies is another one I've blogged about before; I Married a Witch, at 12:30 AM.

In between all those is another Traveltalks short, The Capital City: Washington DC. This one was made in 1940, which is just a year before the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor brought the US into World War II and made Japan our enemy. That makes the scene in which FitzPatrick talks about Washington's cherry trees and how they were a gift from Japan rather interesting, since we all know what was to come. Other than that, thi Traveltalks short fits in well with the rest of them: a nice look back to a very different time, but nothing spectacular or ground-breaking.

The night concludes early tomorrow morning, at about 5:20 AM, with Wedding in Monaco. I was pretty certain I had blogged about this one before, back when Grace Kelly was TCM Star of the Month. You probably could have guessed from the title that it would be a short (roughly half an hour) about Grace Kelly's wedding to Monaco's Prince Rainier.

TCM claims neither of the shorts is on DVD, although I don't know how the TCM database deals with DVD extras in determining whether a short has made it to DVD.

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