Sunday, October 7, 2012

More young Marilyn Monroe

Louis Calhern and Marilyn Monroe in 'The Asphalt Jungle'Marilyn Monroe appeared in The Asphalt Jungle at MGM, before starting her several year stint at Fox, where she made most of her most famous films apart from Some Like It Hot. Sadly, The Asphalt Jungle isn't showing up on TCM any time soon. TCM, however, has been able to get the rights to one of Monroe's smaller roles from earlier in her career at Fox, that being Monkey Business, which is airing this evening at 6:00 PM. Monroe only plays a secretary to pharmecutical company president Charles Coburn. The star is Cary Grant, a chemist who discovers an elixir that makes him (or anybody who takes it) act inappropriately young for a while, until the elixir wears off. Monroe gets a car scene with Cary Grant, as well as an argument scene with young-acting Ginger Rogers.

(Unrelated to Monroe, but related to TCM and Fox, they've also gotten the rights to Cheaper By the Dozen, airing at 4:15 PM. Clifton Webb plays an "efficiency expert" who, together with wife Myrna Loy, raises a family of a dozen kids.)

What's left of the Fox Movie Channel is also running some of Monroe's early work. Tomorrow morning at 7:40 AM, they're showing Let's Make It Legal, a movie I first recommended back in May, 2011. That's followed at 9:00 AM by We're Not Married, a film which is rather better than Let's Make It Legal.

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