Sunday, April 21, 2013

A couple of things on TCM worth mentioning

I should have posted this last night, but TCM is showing Beach Blanket Bingo at 2:00 PM today. This was always on the schedule, and isn't a preemption of anything else because of the death of Annette Funicello. So, sorry if you're looking for any of the other beach movies.

TCM is running the short The Flag at approximately 11:40 PM tonight, just after Now Playing: The Show, which begins at 11:15 PM. The running time on The Flag is listed as 20 minutes, which may put it very tightly up against the "oficial" start of Silent Sunday Nights at midnight, which is John Barrymore in Beau Brummel. The Flag is apparently still not available on DVD, at least not from the TCM shop.

Finally, this week's TCM Import, at 2:15 AM, is Loves of a Blonde, which I blogged about back in April 2010. This one is on DVD, albeit from the Criterion Collection, which makes it a little more pricey.

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