Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Falcon series

Last week saw the last of the Perry Mason movies, and I was remiss in not mentioning yesterday that the new series showing up in the 10:45 AM Saturday time slot on TCM is the Falcon series of movies. George Sanders stars as the Falcon, a suave detective investigating crimes among high society. Or, at least, Sanders plays the Falcon in the first four movies of the series. After that, the character's brother (played by Sanders' real life brother Tom Conway) shows up to take on the title of The Falcon.

Fortunately, the Warner Archive has released a box set of several of the Falcon movies, which isn't too terribly pricey for a Warner Archive release considering how many movies you get. I have a feeling the 318-minute listed run time is off, though.

The Falcon movies will be continuing into July, which I think means they'll be airing all of them.

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