Monday, April 29, 2013

Update on "Eyes in the Night"

Those of you who wanted to watch Eyes in the Night would in fact have done well to set your DVRs several minutes past the scheduled end time. The movie, which is listed as running about 79 or 80 minutes at IMDb and TCMDb, was scheduled for a 75-minute time slot, and in fact ended about 78 minutes in. At least, I think; I wasn't sitting there with a stopwatch but only turned on the TV just before the end of the 75 minute time slot to see Edward Arnold foil the Nazis. Kid Glove Killer started about five minutes late, which means that it too is running into the next movie. I apologize if this caused anybody an inconvenience.

But all of this will become dated by the time you read it. The one more interesting thing I noted from all of this is that the intro for the morning movies has changed. The pop-up book with scenes from several classic movies is still there, but in place of the final pop-up which used to read "Roll Film", there are now two. The first is a sign reading "Turner Classic Movies", with the second being the TCM logo. I don't blame TCM for wanting to have their branding on even the intros, but the two pop-ups here do look a bit out of place. The thing is that there's somethign modern-looking about the two title cards where the rest of the sequence looks like it was designed to harken back to something old-timey. I'm trying to remember the last time I actually sat down for a morning movie on TCM, so I don't know how long this new intro has been running. But I don't think it could be too awfully long since I probably would have read about it on the TCM boards.

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