Thursday, June 20, 2013

Mamie Van Doren night

Sadly not on the schedule

Sure, Mamie Van Doren wasn't the world's greatest actress. One would guess that a lot of yound men wanted to see her on the big screen simply for her ample assets. Several of her movies, though, are worth watching, simply because they're so awful they are (or should be!) camp classics. A good example of this is High School Confidential!, which is unfortunately not on tonight's schedule. I've included a photo from the movie to give you some idea of Mamie Van Doren, however.

You might be able to guess just from the titles that some of the movies are hilariously bad. I mean, what are you expecting if you tune in to watch a movie called Sex Kittens Go to College (airing overnight at 3:15 AM)? The plot is almost as ludicrous as the title: Mamie Van Doren plays a stripper who gets hired as a professor at the local college because of all her Ph.Ds, and then proceeds to drive all the men wild simply by being so buxom and comely. There's another plotline involving a supercomputer that picks horses, and mobsters who want that computer, but is anybody paying attention to the plot here?

Of the movies that TCM is showing tonight, I think the closest to serious would be The Girl in Black Stockings, at 5:00 AM.

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