Saturday, June 1, 2013

New month, new repeats

I've been commenting the past few months about movies that have been off the Fox Movie Channel lineup for a long time, and then show up at the beginning of a month. That's the case again now that we've started June. The first of the returns to the Fox Movie Channel is Swamp Water, which I blogged about back in June 2010. It shows up tomorrow at 7:45 AM, with two more airings in June (and probably some in July, although I haven't checked). Ten North Frederick, subject of an April 2010 blog post, is also a returnee, getting one airing on June 10. There are probably one or two other movies back on FMC that I haven't actually seen before, as well.

As for TCM, once in a while they have a scheduling quirk. The TCM programmer does a month at a time, more or less. After all, you have to figure our your Stars of the Month, as well as the Friday Night Spotlight as a full month-long theme. But one of the consequences of doing a full month at a time is that sometimes you end up with a movie that airs near the end of one month, and then gets another airing at the beginning of the following month. Such is the case with Libeled Lady, which I just mentioned a few days ago as part of a day of films paired with their remakes. Libeled Lady is this week's TCM Essential, at 8:00 PM. It's the start of a night of movies about libel suits.

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