Tuesday, December 17, 2013

FMC repeats for December 18

With another snowstorm about to come through and the prospect of having to go up on the roof to clear off the satellite internet dish (ah the joys of living in the middle of nowhere), I'd just like to write up a brief post on a couple of movies that I've blogged about before that are coming up again on what's left of the Fox Movie Channel for those of you who have it, before the snow blocks the dish:

In Shock at 6:00 AM; Vincent Price plays a psychologist who kills his wife and then finds out there's a witness -- who's gone into a catatonic state on witnessing the murder!

Next up is The Dark Corner at 7:12 AM, in which criminal-turned-private detective Mark Stevens and his secretary Lucille Ball figure out some shady dealings involving art dealer Clifton Webb;

Finally Cry of the City at 8:50 AM sees hoodlum Richard Conte being pursued by his boyhood friend, police lieutenant Victor Mature. Hope Emerson from Caged shows up in a supporting role and is great to watch again.

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