Wednesday, December 11, 2013

TCM Remembers

Stuck at home in a snowstorm yesterday, I decided to watch TCM. OK, I didn't really watch TCM so much since I had seen all the movies on yesterday's morning/afternoon lineup already; I was watching for the end of the movies to see if TCM had done a "TCM Remembers" piece on Eleanor Parker, or if TCM's year-end tribute to those who have died had shown up yet. It turns out both have.

I'm embarrassed to admit I couldn't match up which film clips went with which film in the Eleanor Parker tribute for the most part. There was nothing on the final screen, the one that normally says "TCM Remembers", followed by the name of the deceased and the years of birth and death, about any programming change, the way there sometimes is when TCM has schedule a salute. That may change, as TCM seems to have a seven-film programming saulte for the morning and afternoon of December 17.

Later in hte day, the year-end "TCM Remembers" piece showed up. Again, I have to admit to not recognizing quite a few of the names of people who had died, although I wonder how many of them are people whose careers started more recently than most of what TCM shows. Eleanor Parker was included, as were a couple of people who died last December after the 2012 TCM Remembers piece premiered, such as Jack Klugman and Charles Durning. Once again TCM has selected a classy motif, this time of cleaning up a theater, including taking down and putting away images of some of the deceased. If you want to see it, it does seem to be available from the TCM Media Room. Ooh, I see they do have an embed code too; let's see if that works here:

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