Sunday, December 8, 2013

Well, that didn't last long

Two and a half weeks ago, I mentioned that the Fox Movie Channel's website was back to showing the monthly schedule. That schedule runs through today, with the rest of December being blank. Now, FMC still has the older movies on the schedule if you run through your box guide or one of the listings services; it's just the web-site that's back to not working properly or not being updated.

I've mentioned a couple of times that I've been expecting for a long time for FXM, which has the afternoon and evening half of the channel, to take over the entire channel at some point, yet I haven't found anything to indicate exactly when that's supposed to happen -- you'd expect a press release of some sort to wind up on the Internet. At any rate, the upshot is that for the time being if there are any movies worth blogging about om the FMC schedule, I'll be a bit more likely to miss them.

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