Friday, December 30, 2016

Briefs for December 30-31, 2016

I see that TCM has already announced its schedule change to program a bunch of movies in honor of the recently deceased Debbie Reynolds. They'll be giving the entire 24-hour schedule on Friday, January 27, over to Reynolds, although of course this means 6:00 AM Friday to 6:00 AM Saturday.

TCM already ran one of the one-minute TCM Remembers retrospectives on Reynolds; I saw that last night just before the prime time lineup. One thing that was slightly disconcerting is that in the same space between Inside Daisy Clover and Cool Hand Luke, there was also a promo for the January theatre showings of Singin' in the Rain that TCM is doing in conjunction with Fathom Events.

TCM is running Midnight Lace at 8:00 PM this evening as part of the salute to Star of the Month Myrna Loy. She's not the star, though; that would be Doris Day. Regular watchers of TCM would likely know this since Midnight Lace was on a Doris Day box set TCM was hawking in conjunction with Universal, which probably helped enable TCM to get a whole bunch of other stuff from the Universal library, mostly those old Paramounts to which Universal/MCA got the rights in the late 1950s. I wouldn't be surprised if this were a TCM premiere; I've seen the ad often enough that I've long been looking forward to a TCM showing of the movie, which I haven't seen before.

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