Sunday, December 18, 2016

TCM Remembers 2016

Apparently the posters on the TCM boards have mentioned seeing the TCM Remembers piece for 2016. It's been posted to Facebook (which I don't do) but not Youtube; it's also shown up on TCM itself. I tuned in yesterday evening after The Song of Bernadette*, but even though there was probably enough time to put it then, they didn't show it. It didn't show up this morning either, when I made the mistake of watching the end of Backfire, a 91-minute movie TCM shoehorned into a 90-minute timeslot.

If I had to guess, there's a substantial block of time after the end of In the Good Old Summertime between 1:45 PM and 2:00 PM where TCM doesn't have a short scheduled, so that looks like a good time for it to show up next. Or, perhaps, after any of this afternoon's movies. They're all scheduled in two-hour slots with no shorts on the schedule, and the longest of the movies is The Philadelphia Story at 112 minutes, plus an intro and outro.

*Speaking of The Song of Bernadette, TCM guest host Dana Delaney was given the information to tell us that director Henry King was nominated for a Best Director Oscar both for that movie, and the next year for the biopic Wilson. But whoever writes the intros and outros didn't think to mention that the next movie up was the one that beat King for the next year's directorial Oscar, Going My Way. It's always interesting to see what they do -- and don't -- say in the intros and outros.


Unknown said...

Here is this year's TCM Remembers on youtube.

Ted S. (Just a Cineast) said...

Thanks for mentioning it.

I finally saw the second half of it after The Adventures of Robin Hood on Sunday.