Friday, January 12, 2018

The TCM schedule for January 12-13, 2018

TCM had a short on the schedule earlier this afternoon called Dancing on the Ceiling that I had never heard of before, and the TCM schedule had no synopsis for it. It turns out it's a one-reel MGM musical set in a... musical dentist office. How one dentist could afford such a staff is beyond me, and I could only imagine the prices. It's currently >available on Youtube. Theoretically it could get taken down for copyright violations, but it's been up for eight years with a minimal number of views. Fred Astaire in Royal Wedding is better, and even the Lionel Richie version is better.

TCM seems to be having even more success in getting movies from Fox. Somebody over on the TCM boards looked at the 31 Days of Oscarschedule and commented that the number of Fox movies has gone up quite a bit over the schedules from the beginning of the decade. I also notice a couple of Fox premieres on TCM. (At least, I think they're premieres; a lot of the premieres tend to be listed with "TCM Presents" for the genre and don't have a synopsis.) Tonight's lineup of survival movies includes Inferno at 10:00 PM, which you can now get on DVD as part of the Fox MOD scheme. I've blogged about this one before, and it's excellent if you haven't seen it.

Tomorrow night (if you're in a more westerly time zone) as part of the lineup of witness protection movies, there's Murder, Inc., which will be just after the midnight between Saturday and Sunday for those of us in the Eastern Time Zone.

And going back to the survival movies, there's also the TCM premiere of Into the Wild overnight tonight at 1:30 AM, which I suppose is an interesting selection since in the book the main character dies. Frankly I didn't care for the book. (This one isn't a Fox premiere, however; it was made at Paramount.)

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