Friday, December 28, 2018

A few notes and apologies for the recent lack of reviews

Work has been busy so I've been working obscene amounts of overtime, which understandably cuts into my movie watching time. I was hoping to get more movies watched what with having Christmas and New Year's off, but that hasn't been the case.

And then there were the movies I was going to watch and do reviews on, but it turned out they're out of print on DVD. Last week TCM ran the Mexican Santa Claus in TCM Underground, and I figured that would make perfect viewing for Christmas and a review. But although the TCM Shop claims there were multiple DVD's released, all of them seem to be on backorder, which means out of print, and none of them were available at Amazon as far as I could find.

There were also a bunch of westerns I've had on the DVR for various lengths of time, but at least in this case a couple of them are going to be coming up next week. There Was a Crooked Man has been sitting on the DVR for over a year, but if I looked at the schedule it should be on next week, so time to watch that, either New Year's Eve or New Year's Day. I recorded The Bravados, a Gregory Peck western, and while that one got a DVD release ages ago, it too is out of print. Amazon has it on Prime if you've got Prime's version of the Starz/Encore package, and I believe it's supposed to air on Encore's Westerns channel next week, so that one I'll finally get around to as well.

I actually have a few more movies that I watched recently and are available on DVD that I haven't gotten around to doing full-length posts on, just because of all that overtime. Thankfully I can get those out over the weekend.

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