Sunday, March 19, 2023

Another set of briefs for March 19-21, 2023

31 Days of Oscar continues on TCM through the end of the month. As I've mentioned before, the movies this time around are being grouped by genree. There was only one year of silent films at the Oscars, so when TCM lumps the silent films together, which is happening Monday in prime time. One of the movies is The Last Command at 9:45 PM; for some reason I thought I'd blogged about this one before. But a search of the blog claims that I haven't done so.

Another movie a blog search says that I haven't mentioned in some time, although I have blogged about it, is No Highway in the Sky. This one stars James Stewart as an aircraft engineer who gets the distinct suspicion that the airplane he's flying on is going to suffer a catastrophic failure through metal fatigue. But can he convince anybody of this. I blogged about it in the early days of the blog, when it got one of its airings on the old Fox Movie Channel. It's been back in the FXM rotation for the last little while, and has an airing tomorrow (March 20) at 7:40 AM.

Looking through some of the premium movie channels, it seems that there was a remake of Papillon back in 2018 that I never noticed. If you've got StarzEncore Classics, you can find it there, as if 2018 is a classic. Looking through the schedule, it looks like the oldest movie they've got running is from the early 1980s, although as of now that's already 40 years old. Back when TCM started, 40 yeas earlier would have been 1954, and I don't think anybody would have said at the time that there were no classic movies from the 1960s.

The move is continuing and we're in the new house, although there's a fair amount of the old house that needs to be cleaned out, along with a ton of unpacking here. However, as I think I've mentioned I've already set up the high-speed internet, and have been able to watch more movies on the Watch TCM app. The other nice thing about the streaming TV is how many of the channels allow you to go back to the beginning of a program that's currently airing. Just to see if that feature was working, I decided to sit through the first five minutes of Three Days of the Condor, although that's a movie I've already blogged about. I have no idea how many commercial breaks the movie had.

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