Friday, March 17, 2023

The possible hiatus is here

I've been dropping hints for a while that I'm moving out of my current residence to a place that's smaller and more centrally located, largely for the benefit of my father's health, as he really shouldn't be trying to take care of such a big place any more. Well, that move is finally here.

I've already got the internet set up, and it's nice to finally be a part of the 21st century with legitimate high-speed internet. Nothing from TCM on my DVR (well, Youtube TV library) yet, but I should still be able to stream the Watch TCM app.

I've written this post up a day or two early, and tried to get more posts written up early, but with all the packing I didn't get as far ahead as I would have liked. So although I mentioned Tucker: The Man and His Dream a few days back as a post I'd be doing, I still haven't actually gotten around to writing that yet. So there might still be a day or two without any posting while computers and TV sets get set up in the new digs.

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