Monday, October 3, 2011

October is for horror

We're into October, which means that Halloween is exactly four weeks from today. Halloween always means classic and not so classic horror film shows up all over the place. TCM is unsurprisingly no exception; every Monday in prime time TCM is showing films from the genre. This week starts with a look at the genre from the silent era through to about the mid-1930s; future weeks will get us up to about the late 1960s. There's also a TCM documentary called The Horrors of Steven King which will be premiering tonight at 8:00 PM, followed by several airings throughout the month. According to the TCM article, this isn't about King's own horror output, but about the films that influenced King.

As for tonight's actual movies, you could do far worse than to watch Frankenstein at 9:00 PM; Boris Karloff gets the role that made him a star and a fixture in the horror genre for the rest of his life. Bela Lugosi shows up in a supporting role in Mark of the Vampire overnight at 2:15 AM, and Lon Chaney appears in The Phantom of the Opera, tomorrow morning at 6:15 AM.

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