Friday, October 7, 2011

Summer Holiday

For some reason, I've never mentioned the movie Summer Holiday. The reason it should have gotten a mention is that it's a remake of Ah, Wilderness!, a movie that I blogged about when Mickey Rooney was TCM's Star of the Month last December. Mickey Rooney plays the lead in Summer Holiday after playing the kid brother in Ah, Wilderness!. Summer Holiday aired when Mickey Rooney was Star of the Month, and has aired a number of times since then, so I would have thought that I'd mention the relationship at least one of the times that Summer Holiday was on the schedule.

I thought it was on the schedule tonight at 8:00 PM, but no, I was wrong. If you look carefully, it's a completely different movie also titled Summer Holiday, from 1963 and starring Cliff Richard, who is probably best known for his singing. He's been singing since the 1950s and is an icon in the UK. I'm not certain which song he'd be best known for here in the US, but there's "Devil Woman" from the 1970s and "Suddenly" from the movie Xanadu, a duet with Olivia Newton-John, from 1980.

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