Sunday, January 19, 2014

Angels and trouble

Six years ago, I briefly mentioned the movies The Trouble With Angels, and its sequel Where Angels Go, Trouble Follows. Both of them are airing on TCM tonight, starting with The Trouble With Angels at 8:00 PM and following with Where Angels Go, Troubles Follow at 10:00 PM.

I stand by what I said back then about The Trouble With Angels. I don't know what non-Catholics would think, and I have a feeling boys wouldn't care so much for the movie, at least not for the reasons the movie was made. It's dated, but not in a bad way, since the idea of adolescent immaturity and growing out of is is something that's really universal.

As for Where Angels Go, Trouble Follows, I have a slightly less negative view of it than I did when I blogged back in April 2008. It still has all the problems of trying to be hip to the youngsters in a post-Vatican II world, and there are still a lot of cringeworthy scenes, but it's not quite as bad as I suggested six years ago. I will still stand by my use of the words "pale sequel", however.

Both movies did get DVD releases, but I think they're out of print, based on how Amazon doesn't seem to have normal new copies, and how they don't seem to be available from the TCM Shop.

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