Sunday, January 26, 2014

Speedy out of print?

I blogged, not all that in depth, about the Harold Lloyd movie Speedy back in July 2010. It's coming up again tonight at midnight as this week's Silent Sunday Nights feature, and as part of a late night of movies dealing with rails, at least if you consider trolley cars rails. It's available at Amazon on a Harold Lloyd box set, but that set seems to be out of print based on the pricing information and the fact that the TCM shop doesn't list any DVDs available for Speedy. Amazingly, while TCM's daily schedule page lists Speedy as being on tonight, their database's actual page for the movie doesn't mention it!

The other two movies include this week's TCM Import, Closely Watched Trains at 2:00 AM. This Czech film won an Oscar for Best Foreign Film, and as such is scheduled to show up in 31 Days of Oscar, specifically on February 4, so I'm intending finally to do a fuller-length post about the film next week. This one is on DVD, as is the final feature, Strangers on a Train, at 3:45 AM. As you can see from the link, I've already blogged about this one, and it's going to be running again on TCM in March.

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