Saturday, January 25, 2014

More shorts worthy of mention

With tonight's TCM Essential being Jaws, and there being a night of 1970s movies as a result, I have to admit to not being terribly interested in blogging about any of those right now. Thankfully, nobody famous died in the past day, either, so I don't have to do an obituary post. (Watch somebody die later today. Yes, I know that sounds morbid.) So instead, I decided to look ahead on the TCM schedule for anything interesting that might be showing up tomorrow. There are a couple of shorts that look interesting, although I have to admit that I haven't seen either of them before.

Souvenirs of Death, at 7:39 AM following Luxury Liner (starts at 6:00 AM and runs 98 minutes), is part of the Passing Parade. This one tells the story of a gun that was taken from the Nazis in World War II, presumably as a souvenir. Think the sword that Fredric March gives his son in The Best Years of Our Lives, for example. However, the gun got waylaid along the way and ended up in the underworld. Apparently, narrator John Nesbitt provides the narration from the point of view of the gun itself.

Gym College comes on at 9:42 AM, following She's Working Her Way Through College (starts at 8:00 AM and runs 101 minutes). This is an RKO Pathé Sportscope, from the sports section of Pathé which was producing newsreelish stuff for RKO by the mid-1950s. The current events shorts are an interesting window back to the 1950s, but the sports shorts are, from what I've seen, the bottom of the barrel. This one, which as I said I haven't seen, looks at Florida State University's men's gymnastics team. So there might be some eye candy for the ladies.

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