Friday, August 1, 2014

Briefs for August 1, 2014

So we've finally reached this year's Summer Under the Stars, in which each day is given over to 24 hours of movies starring a certain person.Well, not quite starring; for example, tomorrow's salute to David Niven starts off with him billed a good way down the cast in Dodsworth at 6:00 AM, followed by again being well down the cast in The Charge of the Light Brigade at 8:00 AM.

And then there's Jane Fonda today, who even gets some non-movie programming thrown in. To be fair, however, that non-movie programming is the AFI Lifetime Achievement award she received earlier this year. That show, running a little over an hour, kicks off prime time at 8:00 PM and, like many new-to-TCM programs of this type, get a repeat later in the evening at 11:00 PM for the benefit of TCM's viewers on the west coast. In between is one movie, in this case, Cat Ballou at 9:15 PM.

As for the shorts, I've mentioned Mighty Manhattan, New York's Wonder City before; that's on this afternoon at about 3:25 PM, or following The Chapman Report (1:15 PM, 125 min). It technically doesn't call itself a Traveltalks short, but for all intents and purposes it is on, with the main difference being that it's a two-reeler. Watch for the scenes of where the UN building is being built, and the uter lack of traffic.

One other short that looks interesting but that I haven't seen before, is The Story of "The Jonker Diamond", a little aftre 7:45 AM tomorrow, following the previously-mentioned Dodsworth. This one is a Pete Smith short about the finding of an exceedingly large diamond in South Africa in the early years of the last century, and how it was turned from a rough diamond into the state we know today. This was directed by Jacques Tourneur, early in his career.

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