Friday, August 29, 2014

George Macready, 1899-1973

George Macready (r.) with Glenn Ford in Gilda (1946)

Today marks the birth anniversary of actor George Macready. Macready didn't start working in Hollywood until his early 40s, but once he did start working, he had a long string of supporting roles, some fairly big such as the man with the little friend concealing a knife in Gilda who takes Glenn Ford under his wing. It turns out that they're both in love with the same woman, the titular Gilda played by Rita Hayworth.

Another somewhat smaller role for Macready is as Dr. Karl Schneider in Detective Story, where he plays a doctor considered by Kirk Dougals' police detective to be a butcher. Douglas treats the doctor rather less than well, with serious consequences for all involved.

I couldn't find any good pictures of Macready in The Alligator People, one of those scifi movies that's a whole lot of fun even if it isn't all that good. Movies like My Name is Julia Ross and A Kiss Before Dying are rather better, and all of them together show Macready had a broad range.

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