Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Most of the short series showing up

For a while, the shorts weren't showing up on TCM's schedule, or at least for quite a few days they only ran through yesterday. But TCM have put up a new batch of shorts, and most of our favorite short series are showing up over the next day and change:

For those of you who like the humor of Pete Smith, you've got a pair of shorts coming up in the form of Cash Stashers at 9:19 AM, or just after The Hitch-Hiker; followed by Things We Can Do Without, just following A Cry in the Night at 10:50 AM.

I mentioned the shorts that the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences produced around 1950 back in October 2012, and a pair of those are coming up on the TCM schedule. First is The Art Director, a little after 5:50 PM today, or following Backfire. Then tomorrow morning, you can see The Cinematographer about 7:49 AM, after The Bride Goes Wild.

White Peril is a title that sounded familiar, and looking at the synopsis -- it's about a mountain snow patrol -- and release date of 1956, I figured that it had to be one of the RKO Screenliners. These are generally interesting time capsules since they're supposed to be more documentary than most of the other series save the Traveltalks shorts. White Peril is on overnight at 1:20 AM, after Seven Days in May.

I haven't seen Goodbye, Miss Turlock (5:48 AM tomorrow) before. But looking at the title and the brief one-sentence synopsis, I immediately thought that this has to be an entry in the Passing Parade. Sure enough, it is, and an Oscar-winning entry at that.

Since I mentioned the Traveltalks shorts earlier, they'll be showing up in abundance starting tomorrow afternoon around 2:13 PM with Roaming Through Northern Ireland. Fans of the Crime Does Not Pay or Joe McDoakes shorts, I'm sorry to say I don't see any of them in the next several days.

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